Kyrie Eleison

It was love at first sight when I finally saw my baby boy.

The journey to being a mother is difficult. On my first trimester of pregnancy I had to vomit a lot, I easily get dizzy, and was extra sensitive to smell. Second trimester was the easy part, though I wanted to eat most of the time. While the third trimester is the worst part, I had insomina, I was extremely tired, and I was experiencing intense back pain. Also I was anxious all the time, probably because I am nervous for the actual delivery and at the same time excited to see the baby that has been kicking and turning inside my belly.

On my 39th week, I had to undergo internal examination, and my OB told me that I am already 4cm dilated, so I need to be admitted already. My heart was pounding. My husband and I went to the emergency room and the next thing I knew, I am being brought to the labor room. There I had to endure about 6 hours of pain in my lower abdomen and pelvic. Then I suddenly felt an extreme pain in my stomach, an indescribable pain, I thought I needed to poop and all i wanted was to get it out. So I started to push. Then my OB got startled, she told me to hold it and that they need to transfer me to the delivery room. When I was already transferred, I felt that pain again, so I pushed and then it stop. I breathe in and out as instructed, then there goes that pain again, and so another push. Then he is out. My OB raised him and I get a glimpse of my baby boy. I heard him cry, and heard my OB saying here’s your baby, but was extremely tired and so sleepy because of the anesthesia so I passed out.

Then a nurse woke me up, so I can feed my baby. He latch on me for a while but I guess my milk was not producing enough yet so the nurse took him away again, and then I fell asleep again.

Those first moments, though I was dizzy from the medicine, felt so surreal. I thought of the 39 weeks that I have carried that baby in my womb, and said to myself that it was all worth it. All the pain got washed up, and all I can see is that baby. A human being that came from me. The journey to being a mother is difficult, but it is also the most fulfilling experience.

God has done miracles in my life, but this one is the best he has ever done for me. I will forever be grateful to the Lord.

February 26, 2018, 9:40pm, a well baby boy was born named Kyrie Eleison.

It was love at first sight.


 ♥ mrs.young